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Greetings from Joan Zweben, Executive Director &
Marta Rose, Associate Executive Director

Marta and Joan
Marta and Joan

We founded EBCRP in 1989 in a desperate response to the cocaine epidemic devastating Oakland at that time, and have been able to expand our services and networks to provide the best possible treatment resources in our community. We believe in providing high quality, comprehensive services based on the best research evidence about what is effective, as well as implementing feedback from leading practitioners in the field.


We have always been committed to serving populations in need by providing a treatment for those with co-occurring psychiatric, substance abuse and medical problems from the outset. In recent years, we have been able to strengthen our services by offering supportive housing and assistance with employment preparation and training. We make every effort to integrate research into our services and to use evaluation to improve our services. We have a vigorous staff development program intended to provide broad base of culturally competent training about mental health and substance use disorders.


Culturally competent counselors are aware of their own culture and values, and they acknowledge their own assumptions and biases about other cultures. Moreover, culturally competent counselors strive to understand how these assumptions affect their ability to provide culturally responsive services to clients from similar or diverse cultures.


We also work to help our staff effectively address and reduce stigma in all ways possible. Treatment really works. By providing or arranging to meet the comprehensive needs of each person and family, we enhance their potential to live satisfying and productive lives. We have been privileged to accompany many hundreds of people on their journey toward better health. We hope our website will assist you in understanding our services.


Karen joined the Board in 2009 and became President in 2014. She was attracted to EBCRP because of “a support for the mission of the agency and a belief that society works best when those in need are supported with the tools to help themselves.” She brings her excellent judgement, communication skills and ability to work effectively with others to the Board where her philanthropic tendencies are appreciated. Karen likes the opportunity to contribute at the organizational level to increase her personal effectiveness and skills. Karen is currently employed with Chevron as a Patent Agent.

Lisa Blakely is our Secretary. She joined the Board in 2010 and brings a wealth of experience in the area of supported housing, finance, capacity building, and organizational development. Lisa was interested in joining EBCRP because she believes it to be an outstanding organization that holds true to its vision of increasing the availability of permanent supportive housing for the community as a contributing strategy to end chronic homelessness.

Kirby Ung has a strong interest in affordable housing and community development and believes in combining housing with supportive services that empower individuals and families. He became more aware of the organization after going on the tour of Project Pride and FACT Permanent Housing on the Hard Hat Tour given in May 2012. He thinks he can help the organization based on his professional background as well as learn from the organization itself. Mr. Ung has a background in affordable housing finance and is currently a Community Investment Manager for the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco where he helps administer the Affordable Housing Program (AHP) grant and the AHEAD economic development and services grant. He interacts with nonprofit organizations and financial institutions on a daily basis in their grant funding and administration. He is looking forward to helping in the areas of real estate, finance, affordable housing policy, and urban planning.

Carol Wilkins, M.P.P., is an independent consultant working to develop and support the implementation of evidence-based policy solutions to end homelessness for people with complex health needs and vulnerabilities. Through research and technical assistance she works to increase the capacity of state and local governments and non-profit agencies to create integrated systems to provide housing opportunities linked to effective health care and supportive services. Prior to becoming an independent consultant, she was the Director of Intergovernmental Policy and Research with the Corporation for Supportive Housing. She also has experience working in state and local government, including the California Legislature’s office of the Legislative Analyst and the Assembly Ways and Means Committee, as Deputy Mayor for Finance in San Francisco, and as Finance Director for the San Francisco Housing Authority.

David Sloves is our most recent Board member, joining in February 2015. His interest in joining the Board stems from working with the organization over the last 20 months. Mr. Sloves believes he can help the organization re-think it’s financial structure to enable better outcomes for the community EBCRP serves and the team providing those outcomes. Mr. Sloves provides critical leadership experience in finance, captial growth and long term strategic planning with financing opportunities. His goal as a Board member is to help EBCRP’s balance sheet reflect real and meaningful positive working capital, along with additional capacity for growing the base of operations through new facilities and increased staff.

Carol joined the Board in 2014 after many years of admiration and support of the amazing work being done by EBCRP, particularly Project Pride. Her background is as an IT QA Program Management Consultant with experience on a wide variety of technical platforms and business systems primarily in financial services. Expertise in architectural roadmaps, systems integration, user acceptance & release management of large enterprise-class business systems, web-based systems & vendor solution implementations. Carol holds both PMP & CISA certifications.