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Psychosis Recovery Workshop

EBCRP's own staff clinician, Xavier Jurado, Ph.D., presents a Psychosis Recovery Workshop during in-service training. On August 30th, Dr. Xavier Jurado will provide an overview on understanding psychosis, the impact on families, and the current research regarding effective treatment.   [sdm_download id="950" fancy="1" new_window="1"]...

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Alameda County TRUST Clinic Speaker Series

Understanding Substance Abuse and Addiction: What Research, Psychology and Medicine Have to Teach Us Presented by Dr. Joan E. Zweben Ph.D., Executive Director, EBCRP and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UCSF   [sdm_download id="618" fancy="1" new_window="1"]   The Medical Model: Addiction is a Brain Disease Presented by Dr. Judith Martin, MD, Medical Director of Substance Use Services,...

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American Society of Addiction Medicine’s 44th Annual Medical Scientific Conference

TBI, PTSD and Addiction: Treating Veterans With Complex Needs Presented by Kristine Burkman, Ph.D., Staff Psychologist, UCSF Medical Center   [sdm_download id="628" fancy="1" new_window="1"]   Working With Veterans in the Community Presented by: John Straznikas, MD, UCSF Medical Center, Substance Use PTSD Team Leader, San Francisco VA Medical Center   [sdm_download id="668" fancy="1" new_window="1"]   Addressing Military Sexual Trauma in...

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American Society of Addiction Medicine’s 42nd Annual Medical/Scientific Conference

Symposium: Treatment of the Returning Military Veteran. Symposium Organizers: Richard A. Denisco, MD, MPH and Joan E. Zweben, Ph.D.   Challenges Experienced By Returning Veterans Presented by Susan Storti, Ph.D.   [sdm_download id="657" fancy="1" new_window="1"]   Wounds of War: Substance Abuse, Veterans and Active Duty Military Presented by Wilson Compton, MD, MPE   [sdm_download id="653" fancy="1" new_window="1"]   Combat Related Mental Health...

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Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs): 
Addressing the Challenges of Health Care Reform

Community Treatment Program (CTP) Caucus. Clinical Trials Network Meetings. Bethesda Marriott Conference Center   Introduction to Federally Qualified Health Care Centers: Building Integration between CTPs, FQHCs, and Funders Presented by Nancy Hamilton 
President & CEO Operation PAR (Florida)   [sdm_download id="661" fancy="1" new_window="1"]   Federally Qualified Health Centers Presented by Michael R. Lardiere, LCSW [sdm_download id="665" fancy="1" new_window="1"]   Integrated Care...