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Re Entry Expo

We want to thank the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office for putting together another ReEntry Expo at Santa Rita Jail yesterday. Jeffrey Heath, an EBCRP Outreach Specialist, attended for the first time and said his highlight was “bringing a sliver of hope to over 500 men and women”. It’s daunting to listen to the fear and uncertainty of those about to be released. Thanks to Jeff and other EBCRP staff who attended, those 500 inmates now know we, and many other service agencies, are here to help.


Facing misconceptions, stereotypes and labels, felons and “ex-cons” have incredible barriers to overcome in order to successfully transition back into society. Without support, the cycle of re-incarceration and recidivism will not be broken. We know many of the men and women who end up in the criminal justice system did not have a support system or protective factors in place prior to their arrest. And if they did have a support system, it likely eroded during the time they spent in jail.  Re-integrating poses many difficulties, which can be exacerbated by the fines, conditions and restrictions upon release. Employment, housing, finances, healthcare and child custody are just some of the hurdles being faced.  It’s a beautiful thing to see all of the providers come together at Santa Rita and weave together a potential safety net for the men and women about to join us on the other side of the fences. See flyer below for details.