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HIV/AIDS and HIV care and prevention are the cornerstones of a collection of programs currently under the Holistic Health umbrella. Operating since 1989, we receive both County and Federal funding to offer care to the populations most at risk for HIV/AIDS.


Since 2003, we have also provided support and education for persons at risk or already testing positive for Hepatitis C, as well.


Counselors and case managers are available to support clients as they move through their feelings, the behaviors that put them at risk, and to help navigate through other support systems. Our goal is for every client to receive the most comprehensive care available.


HIV Testing and Outreach


Outreach teams work together with other community providers to provide education and prevention services for those at risk for HIV and/or Hepatitis C. Trained outreach prevention workers provide free, rapid HIV and Hep C testing at over 20 locations throughout Alameda County.


Learn your HIV status in less than half an hour! We also offer risk reduction classes, including safer sex, for people of all orientations.


Condoms are available at no charge.



Smoking Cessation


All of our programs and grounds are tobacco-free. EBCRP has collaborated with the Alameda County Provider Network for Tobacco Dependence Treatment and Cessation for the last 15 years.


Under the leadership of Dr. Cathy McDonald and Project Manager Judy Gerard, this project provides clinical staff training and technical assistance to adult and adolescent treatment providers on how to effectively address and treat the deadly and addictive effects of tobacco and nicotine abuse.


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