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OUR PLACE is designed to connect primary healthcare, individual and group counseling, care management and support services for people at risk of, or living with HIV and/or Hepatitis C.


Counseling services at OUR PLACE are provided by staff from East Bay Community Recovery Project, primary medical care is provided by Lifelong Medical Care, HIV and Hepatitis C testing is performed by EBCRP’s Early Intervention Team and client support services are provided by staff from Women Organized to Respond to Life Threatening Disease.


What makes OUR PLACE unique is all of these services are provided in one location, under one roof, making follow through for the client easier and communication among the care providers more confidential and consistent.


Specific services offered at OUR PLACE include primary medical care, mental health counseling, rapid HIV and HepC testing, relapse prevention, crisis support, substance use counseling and tobacco cessation.


Intakes to OUR PLACE are available by calling our primary contact line at 510-446-7180 or contacting ourplace@ebcrp.org.


2579 San Pablo Avenue OAKLAND, CA 94612

(510) 446 - 7100

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