Project Pride has assisted women and their children since 1993. We offer a unique residential program to address mental health, alcohol and other drug problems, involving family members as much as possible.


Our services address the different needs of the women and children. Mothers receive training and support on improving socialization, communication, leadership and life skills.

100 %

Individual Counseling

100 %

Group Counseling

100 %

Parenting Skills

75 %

Primary Medical Care (On and off site)

60 %

Family Counseling

50 %

Trauma Support

PREP’s mission is to transform the treatment of psychosis by intervening early with culturally competent assessment and diagnosis, and by delivering the most effective multi-faceted treatment focused on wellness and achieving recovery. We also help to educate the community and combat stigma.


PREP assists youth and young adults aged 16-24 in Alameda County who have experienced a recent-onset of psychosis by offering direct and accessible clinical services.

100 %


80 %

Clinical Case Management

100 %

Individual Counseling

65 %

Family Groups

20 %

Primary Medical Care (off site)

30 %

Group Counseling